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3-Layer Superior quality non-stick coating for cooking with minimum oil.

Eliminates use of oil & fats.

Superior quality heat & stain resistant exterior Easy cleaning to stay as 

good as new even after years of every day use.

Heavy Stainless Steel Induction base for evenly & uniform cooking of food.

Sturdy, secure and comfort grip handle.

Dish washer safe.


Ideal For:

  • Joint pain and inflammation
  • Chronic back and muscular pain
  • Joint pain after menopause

The constituents that naturally occur in the herb help protect the kidney from free radical damage.

Punarnava displays diuretic activity and assists in the flushing of harmful pathogens.

The herb controls the recurrence of urinary system infections by neutralizing disease-causing germs and their toxic effects.

Punarnava exhibits analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and calm the urinary tract.


The Triphala blend (Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki) comes from Ayurvedic medicine. The combination of these three fruits gives unique health-promoting properties.

It helps in combating gastrointestinal ailments, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and heartburn, flatulence and gas, helps fight irratble bowel syndrome,

soothes ulcerative colitis.


A soothing soap that makes skin soft and supple and exudes an appealing aroma.


Ideal For

  • Low immunity 
  • Weakness